28. apr. 2009

On the road again

Travel doesn't only mean shifting your body from one side of the earth to the other. It can in fact also mean the trip you do in the morning going to work! A trip like that can also be an adventure if one tries to be awake and observe the little things out of the ordinary.
Like this morning on my way to work, I was listening to the local news on my car radio, and they reported a police chase on the island where I work. Apparently a vigilant person had observed a couple of thieves trying to row off with a boat at 4 am. He called the police and took them in his own boat to chase the thieves. The thieves had then jumped ashore and the chase was afoot. 
Just after hearing this, I saw ahead a police car parked halfway in the road, six policemen and a German Shepherd. I could see the police were interviewing a couple of young gentlemen that clearly were not on their way to work. Well done!
So, what was your travel to work like this morning?

Local paper confirms the arrest:

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